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Image for Lifestyle Creep: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Lifestyle Creep: What It Is and How to Avoid It


3 min read | April 18, 2024

Lifestyle creep can affect anyone who has had an increase of income through a pay raise, debt payoff, or an unexpected influx of funds. Understand what lifestyle creep is, how to recognize it, and how to avoid it with this article.

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Image for Letting Go of Financial Fears

Letting Go of Financial Fears


2 min read | May 16, 2024

Constantly feeling anxious about your money may yield positive results in your savings account, but is that really improving your relationship with money? Tackling your financial fears is a significant achievement in your personal finance journey.

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Image for Credit: Debunking 5 Myths

Credit: Debunking 5 Myths


3 min read | May 14, 2024

Feeling intimidated by starting to build credit? We review a few common myths that have endured for generations and offer ways you can move forward to start building credit with confidence.

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Image for Comparing Retirement Plans: 401(k) vs. 403(b)

Comparing Retirement Plans: 401(k) vs. 403(b)


3 min read | May 9, 2024

Understanding retirement plans can come with a huge learning curve. Read on to learn more about two retirement savings options — the 401(k) and the 403(b) — and take the guesswork out of interpreting your retirement benefits.

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Image for College Students and Inflation: A Closer Look

College Students and Inflation: A Closer Look


2 min read | May 7, 2024

Inflation poses a significant challenge to college students, affecting their financial stability, mental health and academic performance. As students navigate these economic times, being proactive in managing finances and seeking support is critical.

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Image for Skills for the AI Era: What Employers Are Looking For

Skills for the AI Era: What Employers Are Looking For


2 min read | May 2, 2024

Explore key skills for thriving in an AI-driven job market, from technical knowledge to creative thinking. Stay ahead in your career by adapting to the evolving demands of AI-driven workplaces while honing your uniquely human skills.

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Image for Wallet Watch: Entrepreneurship: Coaching and Mentorship

Wallet Watch: Entrepreneurship: Coaching and Mentorship


16 min | May 1, 2024

Harrison Leffel-Jones who is the Vice President of Small Business and Innovation at the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP). Tune in as Harrison talks about how LEAP and other resources help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses.

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Research your retirement plan options.

Check to see whether you have a 401(k) or 403(b) plan with your employer, and if they match your contributions. If you’re not receiving retirement benefits, review any future employer’s retirement benefits before signing on for the position.

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