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To Buy or Not to Buy

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You see an item in a social media ad. When you click the link, it takes to you a website that does not look like the actual product’s website.

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Someone is selling a used item on online, and the photo of the item looks like a purchased “stock photo.”

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An online seller wants to meet at the local fire station to sell their item.

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When you want to check out online, there is a green lock next to the web address and you have multiple payment options including PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and credit or debit card.

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The only payment option available is with a gift card.

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An online seller on offers multiple payment options and sends shipment tracking one day after payment is made.

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A seller has many great reviews.

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A vehicle is being sold online and requires a deposit before allowing test drives.

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An online sale price seems too good to be true for the item being sold.

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A secured website with products for sale that looks professional, organized, and free of grammar errors.

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