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The Impact of Interest

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True or False: The interest you pay on a loan or credit card directly impacts your budget.

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Interest rates are typically determined by which three factors?

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True or False: Secured loans typically have higher interest rates than unsecured loans.

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Credit card interest rates can vary due to:

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True or False: Interest accrues differently depending on how a credit card is utilized.

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How much extra interest would you pay for a $20,000 auto loan over 60 months with a rate of 9% APR vs. 3% APR over the life of the loan? Approximately:

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True or False: It is impossible to have a loan or credit card without paying interest.

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Which of the following would be a reasonable interest rate to expect on a standard credit card without rewards?

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True or False: You are able to request a lower interest rate on your existing credit cards if your credit score improves.

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Which type of loan typically offers the lowest interest rate?

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