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American Currency

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Which president was on the most recent version of the $500 bill?

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When did the United States cease printing large-denomination bills ($500, $1,000, and higher?)

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Approximately how many years does a $100 bill last before it is pulled out of circulation?

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Approximately how much does it cost to manufacture a $1.00 bill?

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Coins are created by the United States Mint at all of the following locations except:

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What year did the United States Mint begin releasing the 50 state quarters?

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Which bill denomination has the shortest average life span at 4.7 years?

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If a dollar bill is torn, how much of it must remain in order for it to be used?

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Which two people appear on the front of paper currency, but were not ever presidents of the United States?

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What three things appear on the back of a dime that represent peace, liberty, and strength and independence?

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