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Spring Break Travel Tips on Any Budget

Written by: Jessica (she/her)

2 min read | Published: January 25, 2024

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After the cold winter months, many of us are ready for some sunshine or any kind of vacation. Spring break is a great time to get away, but many people choose not to travel during that time because of one factor: cost. Here are a few of my top spring break travel tips to help you get away without breaking the bank.

Plan Ahead

If this year is out of the question for last-minute spring break travel, start planning for next year! Many schools and universities publish the next year’s spring break schedule, and many places allow you to book a year in advance. That way you can lock in a location and a place to stay and give yourself the ability to pay for your trip over time. Some people even book vacations using funds from a tax refund.

Road Trip

When you’re considering traveling for spring break, it pays to vacation somewhere you can drive to in a reasonable amount of time. Consider where you live, then map out how far of a drive it would be to reach your destination. The price of flights often discourages people most when it comes to spring break traveling expenses. Gas for one vehicle vs. paying for a plane ticket plus a rental car can save you money. Do the math to seek out some savings.

Affordable Accommodations

When traveling for spring break, you may want to price shop for hotels, condos, or vacation rental homes. All have pros and cons. Sometimes hotels make it super convenient to be in close proximity to everything and even offer amenities like pools, free breakfast, etc. In other situations, vacation rental homes can prove more convenient because they can offer more space, full kitchens, and other amenities, which can cut down costs when it comes to things like food.

Vacationing is definitely a luxury not at the top of everyone’s priority list, but for me the family time spent away from home, work, and school is priceless. Vacations can be booked online, with a travel agent, or even a friend or family member who enjoys finding a good deal. I hope these tips help you book your next getaway!

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