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Posted 15 June 2023

Grocery Store Inflation and How to Combat it

Like many Americans, you have felt the pressure of increasing prices everywhere we turn. Personally, I feel it the most at the grocery store. Twenty or thirty cent increases on items may not seem like much individually, but they can definitely drive up your grocery bill leaving your pocket book feeling a little strained. I would like to share with you some of the ways I combat price inflation at the grocery store in hopes that you can start saving on your food costs and keep your food budget in check!

Utilize Your Pantry and Freezer

Before you create your grocery list or head to the store, take a quick inventory of the items in your pantry and freezer. What meals can you create with the pantry or freezer staples you already have? Utilizing your freezer and pantry will also help reduce you buying multiples of items you already have at home.

Meal Plan and Prep

Planning your meals for the next week or two can be extremely beneficial when you are creating your grocery list and looking to cut costs. Try to identify items that can used in multiple upcoming meals to avoid waste. This will force your into naturally creating a grocery list based on the meals you are cooking and help reduce you spending extra money on the items that look good in the grocery store but end up sitting in your fridge or pantry for months.

Comparison Shop

Price out the items you need. Product prices can vary across different grocery retailers. There are even grocery store apps that will allow you to search for items and show you the different costs store to store. This may sound slightly tedious in the beginning, but using this method can really help you get the most bang for your buck in the long run.

Buy in Bulk

Shopping a wholesale warehouse can feel overwhelming at first because it can leave you feeling like what will I possible do with 5lbs of macaroni noodles BUT it’s generally a good deal! The truth is buying in bulk can help you save money overtime. Yes, it’s a little investment to start out but usually when you buy items in bulk they are significantly lower in price per item. Combo buying in bulk with meal planning and prepping, and you will utilize the foods you are buying and see your grocery bill decrease.

Store Brand vs. Name Brand

Challenge yourself to try new items of the store brand instead of the name brand to see if you can save a few pennies. You might just surprise yourself at how many items taste the exact same or better when trying out the store brand items.

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