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Posted 26 January 2023

A Few Tips on Beating the Winter Blues

Do the shorter, gloomy, less sunshine filled days during the winter make you feel a little less like yourself? You are not alone. Many people find themselves feeling more tired, a little less motivated, and sometimes even down during the winter months. A lot of that can be contributed to the lack of the mood-boosting sunlight. I notice yawning at 6 p.m. thinking it’s time for bed, or feeling down when there have been too many grey days in a row. Here are some tips with you to kick the winter blues to the curb.  

Move your body

Exercising or moving your body, for even thirty minutes a day, has the ability to change your overall mood. I know when I stay on a regular exercise routine, I feel happier, less stressed and it even helps me sleep better.

Maintain a healthy diet

Eating a well-balanced diet of proteins, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables can not only boost your energy naturally, but also fuel your body with the nutrients it needs.

Meeting with a health professional to have your vitamin D levels checked, and possibly adjusted can help increase healthy bones, support immune health, and help regulate your mood. Vitamin D rich foods can also be a way to increase levels. Foods like salmon, sardines, cod liver oil, shrimp, fortified yogurt, and fortified milk.

Light therapy

I invested in a light therapy lamp and really notice a difference. This light therapy lamp mimics the sunlight to help enhance mood and energy, and I have noticed it helps me focus more during work and sleep better at night. 

If after trying any of these methods listed above, you are still feeling down, follow up with your primary care doctor and kick the winter blues.



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