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Posted 28 June 2022

Social Media Security. What You Need to Know.

Many Americans use social media on a daily basis, but have you ever stopped to make sure you are not unknowingly giving away too much of your personal information?

Updating our status, sharing photos while on vacation, and celebrating exciting things in life are things all of us do without ever thinking there could be potential harm. I am not saying don’t ever do these things, but you want to use caution and mindfulness when engaging on social media.

Vacation Check In

Vacation, a word that comes with so much excitement. Whether you are hanging at the beach or hiking in the mountains it is always best to post on social media about your vacations after you are already back home. Checking in or posting updates while on vacation could leave the door open to fraudsters or crooks knowing you are thousands of miles away from home and make you a target to theft or fraud.

Social Media Quizzes

Social media quizzes can feel like all fun and games, but pay close attention to the questions you are answering. Does this quiz ask for answers to potential security questions, like what street did you grow up on, what was your first car, or what was your first pets name? Next time you go to create a user name and log in, 9 times out of 10 you are asked to also set up a series of security questions and ask yourself have you ever answered one of those on social media.

Celebrating Exciting Life Events

Celebrating exciting life events like buying a new home, are things we should celebrate and feel free to share the news on social media, but when you post photos make sure viewers cannot see your address or every corner of your home. Do you want the world of social media to see your big screen TV or other important items to you?

As you navigate your social media platforms, pay close attention to the information that is being shared with the world.

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