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Fintech Foundations for International Scholars

Written by: Guest Writer

2 min read | Published: December 8, 2023

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Embarking on an educational journey in the U.S. is full of new experiences for international students, and managing finances is critical. Financial technology — or fintech — offers digital tools to help make managing finances easier, especially while in a new country. Fintech covers applications and platforms for budgeting, online banking and investing, tailored to meet a variety of financial needs.

Budgeting Tools Navigating daily expenses and saving for future goals is streamlined with budgeting tools. Apps available in the market help track spending, set budget limits, and visualize financial trends. Understanding where money goes each month can be enlightening and empowers better financial decisions. Setup usually involves downloading an app, linking financial accounts, and tailoring a budget. With real-time updates and categorization, managing monthly expenses becomes less daunting, leaving more time to focus on academic pursuits. There are many applications to choose from depending on which features and services are important to you.

Online Banking and Investment Platforms Embracing online banking simplifies money management with easy account monitoring and options to manage your account remotely. Additionally, investment platforms introduce the basics of investing and provide an opportunity to grow savings, even with small amounts. Online banking offers convenience, and investment platforms have the possibility to yield returns over time. Both sectors of fintech give international students a glimpse into managing and growing finances digitally, essential for achieving financial literacy and economic stability in the U.S.

Security Measures Venturing into digital finance necessitates a solid understanding of online security. Employing strong, unique passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and regularly monitoring accounts for unusual activity are important steps in safeguarding financial data. Another great way to make sure your accounts stay protected is to use your device’s built-in biometric security such as the fingerprint scanner or face reading technology. Adapting to fintech also means embracing these security measures to ensure a safe financial journey in the U.S.

Navigating the financial landscape is a crucial aspect of the international student experience. Fintech provides pathways to better money management, financial growth, and security. By exploring the digital financial realm while adhering to online security measures, you can foster a more literate and secure financial journey while pursuing your academic goals in the U.S.


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