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Posted 16 March 2023

How Meeting with a College Financial Aid Adviser Can Help You

With scholarships, student loans, and federal financial aid, the thought of paying for post-secondary education can feel overwhelming. One way to clear up any confusion is to visit your financial aid office and sit down with a college financial aid adviser. Some questions to think about discussing during your appointment include: 


How do I apply for financial aid and when is the deadline? 

Knowing how and when to apply for financial aid is critical to ensuring you’re receiving the maximum amount in grants, scholarships, and loans to pay for schooling. 


Can you explain to me my financial aid statements or award letters?  

Financial aid award letters include important things like what type of aid you are awarded, how and when your funds will be distributed, and if there are any special requirements needed to secure the funds. A financial aid adviser will also be able to break down your financial aid statements to ensure you have a full understanding.   


What scholarships or grants are available to me through the university, or what are the scholarships no one applies for?  

Asking these types of questions can potentially open doors for more aid or the opportunity to apply for more scholarships. Any help you can receive financially to lighten the amount you owe following graduation is worth exploring.  


What is the full cost to attend this university and what will my payments look like after graduation?  

This question is worth asking so you can have a full understanding of what you will be obligated to repay after graduation.  


The bottom line 

Meeting and speaking with financial aid advisers and getting all your questions answered will help you and your family choose what college is best for you and help you understand the financial obligations you may incur. This way, you can go to school earn your degree while avoiding the burden of too much student loan debt. 

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