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Posted 12 January 2023

Discounts for College Students

Everyone likes to save money and being a student is an easy way to save money with student discounts on a variety of products and services. As someone who has decided to continue my education, I was excited to learn about all of the savings opportunities as I began graduate school. Let’s explore the different areas of potential savings.


From Amazon Prime to Spotify, there are so many subscription companies that offer a discounted rate for students. These discounts can look like a certain amount of months for free or a discounted monthly price through the duration of your time in school. One thing to keep in mind is that even with these discounts it may not be wise to start accounts with all subscription companies. Make sure whichever service you sign up for is affordable in your monthly spending plan, and know you can always cancel one service to try new ones to add some variety in your entertainment.


Another large opportunity for savings comes with purchasing technology. Students not only qualify for discounts on technology like computers, tablets, and phones, but there are also discounts on different computer programs. The first place to check for discounts is with your school or university. Often you can install programs like the Adobe Creative Cloud, or Microsoft 365, using the schools licensing for free. If your educational institution does not provide these you can still receive a great discounts as a student directly from the companies.

Food, Clothing, and Everything Else

The list of opportunities as a student for saving money goes on and on. is a great resource to find discounts on clothes, furniture, cosmetics, or food. If you are shopping locally you may be surprised how many companies have discount programs for students. Just ask anywhere you are spending money, the worse thing they can say is no.

Needs vs. Wants

All spending comes down to needs vs. wants. Spending money just because you have a certain percentage off the price for being a student could take money away from the needs you have to pay for. I suggest searching for discounts on expenses that have already been planned to avoid falling into the habit of overspending, or saving money for purchases you can’t afford in your spending plan now and using discounts when you have completed your savings goal.


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