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Posted 08 June 2023

Budgeting Boundaries

Clubs, events, food and fun all have two things in common. They can be expensive or they can be free. When in college, there are countless experiences and opportunities to take advantage of. It can seem like if you want to have fun and meet new people, then you have to pay, but this is not the case. Whether put on by your college, a student organization, or a club, many fun events are free and often have food too. From free concerts and game nights to sporting events to craft nights, there is something out there for everyone.

One way to spend less money on fun while you’re in school is to create boundaries for yourself and asking about any associated fees or costs up front. By having a plan ahead of time for what you will and will not do with your money, you can feel empowered to use your “no” when the time comes knowing that you have other goals in mind.

Setting boundaries can be easy, but enforcing them is a whole other battle. Once you have your financial goals in mind, it can be helpful to make adjustments to accommodate for them. This may look like seeking out alternative fun that is less expensive. It could be communicating your plan to friends ahead of time. The more you keep your goals front of mind, the easier it will be to enforce your financial boundaries. It can be fun to spend our money, but you don’t always have to spend to have fun. If you’re creative and hold onto your boundaries, it can empower you to say “yes” for less.