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Posted 28 February 2023

Maximizing Your Career Success

As you grow and develop in your career, you will be given many pieces of career advice. Career advice can come from a coach, mentor, manager, or from an individual who see the potential beaming inside of you. I want to share with you a few pieces of career advice from myself and other financial educators with MSUFCU.

1. Find a career you are passionate about. You will find yourself at work more than home at times. It is important to have enjoyment and fulfillment in what you are doing each day.

2. Remember every day is an interview. Think about how many people you come in contact with each day at work. You never know who your next co-worker or manager could be. Possibilities are endless and you never know who is admiring your work.

3. Find your voice. In many situations you must learn how to advocate for yourself when it comes to career growth and development. Don’t be afraid to be authentically yourself, build relationships, and always seek opportunities to grow.

4. Say yes to opportunities that are offered to you – even if you feel like you are “unqualified!” You build experience and skills through the uncomfortable times. Your future self will be happy you challenged yourself!

5. Be a team player. Working and collaborating with others on your team is vital. Many valuable, diverse, and innovative things come from collaborating together as a team and it often sets your team apart from others.

Apply these tips as you continue to establish yourself and career. Remember, learning and development never stops. Keep these mind throughout your career and you will be able to find your passions and maximize your success.

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