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Posted 27 June 2023

Growing in Your Career

When your goal is to continue to grow in your career you will need to expand your skill sets and knowledge. Expanding your skill sets will make you a stronger asset for your team and your place of work. To do this you will have to invest in yourself. Growing professionally will mean actively seeking feedback, opportunities, and ways to practice the skills you are strengthening. Growth will demand stepping out of your comfort zone, being intentional, and reflective.

Create a plan

The first step to taking ownership in your own advancement will be to pinpoint areas for enhancement. Seeking advice and feedback from leadership is a great way to get outside perspective on the skills that could be enriched and those that may have room for improvement. Receiving feedback will help you to be intentional with your progress. Asking for mentorship is beneficial, as you can receive continued feedback and guidance. Discussing your goals with your leadership helps to bring awareness of what you are trying to accomplish. Managers are great resources to help develop a strategy for growth and entrusting you with new task and responsibilities to exercise or gain new talents. Make sure your plan is measurable and find ways to hold yourself accountable.

Seek opportunities   

Looking for new opportunities to learn and grow is important. Taking on new things will broaden your knowledge. These opportunities could be leadership programs, company councils, new challenging projects, and even continued education. Look for training courses that focus on what you are specifically looking to improve. Gaining new experiences in different areas will also diversify your talents, making you a stronger asset. Seeking opportunities will allow you step out of your comfort zone, not knowing what to expect as you are growing. Stepping out of your comfort zone intentionally will also develop better adaptability and help with handling change. Track and review your progress by recording milestone accomplishments. Recording what you are doing to grow may be helpful in promotions later on as well as continued motivation.

Achieve your dreams

You can achieve your dreams by being dedicated to self-improvement. Master your own craft by furthering your education, taking on new roles and responsibilities, and challenging yourself. Be open to advice from others and develop trusting relationships with your leadership. Set clear and attainable goals, following a plan on how to achieve them. Use your resources and look for new ones. The only way to grow is on purpose. Expand your knowledge and skillset to reach the level of success you are looking for.



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