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Posted 02 March 2023

Budgeting Made Easy with Spave! 

Most budgeting apps allow you to view and track expenses, but did you know there is one that helps you save and give back to your community? Spave is an all-in-one app that allows you to be purposeful with your money while fostering your commitment to your financial goals. The app uses micro-deposits — setting aside a percentage of purchases or using the round-up method — to ensure your money is saved or donated according to your wishes. Better yet, the app is user-friendly and simple to set up, making giving and saving easier than ever. Read on to learn how using the app helps you budget with success and achieve your financial hopes and dreams.  

Giving with Spave 

Spave allows users to be intentional and make progress toward their giving goals. After downloading the app, you can choose which nonprofit organizations you would like to donate to from Spave Faves or by conducting your own search. Once you’ve made your selections, decide how you’d like to donate. You can contribute by rounding up purchases to the nearest dollar, or you can add a percentage to your purchases, which mimics tipping. To maintain budget-friendly contributions, you can place guidelines on your weekly giving to ensure you’re donating as much as you’d like while staying within your means. After you’ve linked your financial institution account with the Spave app, making manageable contributions to your favorite charities is easy. 

Saving with Spave 

Similar to providing assistance with intentional donations, Spave also enables users to work toward their saving goals. From the app, you can name the goal for which you are saving, and then decide if you would like to contribute by rounding up or adding a percentage to your purchases. Funds you’ve saved will be transferred into an account of your choosing, or payments can be made directly to your creditors to decrease outstanding debt. You can set parameters for how much is saved weekly to keep things affordable and make one-time contributions at any point to expedite reaching your goals. From the app’s dashboard, track your spending, saving, and giving to stay in the driver’s seat of managing your finances.  

Why budgeters love Spave 

Spave is all about facilitating monetary control for its users. The app makes it effortless to donate, save, and become debt free while providing a platform to track and analyze your finances. Budgeters love the freedom of choosing how much is dedicated to their weekly donation and saving goals, and the ability to make lump-sum contributions after receiving money from events such as birthdays, tax refunds, and work bonuses.  

Users also appreciate that the payments to accounts are automatic, allowing them to remain committed to making progress toward their goals while taking the stress out of money management. They can also access a summary of their expenses and progression toward their goals from the app’s dashboard, making it easy to track and understand expenses.  

Ready, set, Spave! 

Saving, giving, and reviewing expenses is easier than ever before with the Spave app. Those interested in using the app to manage their money and commit to their financial goals can download it from their mobile device’s app store. To learn more about Spave’s mission or the features within the app, visit 


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