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College Students and Scams: Protecting Yourself in a Digital World

Written by: Therese (she/her)

2 min read | Published: June 27, 2024

Image for College Students and Scams: Protecting Yourself in a Digital World

College students are navigating a complex landscape of academics, social life and personal growth. Unfortunately, scammers recognize this vulnerability and actively target these groups. In this article, we will explore common scams aimed at college students and provide practical tips to help safeguard your identity and finances.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Scams

The scam: Scammers pose as scholarship providers or financial aid officers, promising exclusive scholarships or grants. They may ask for an upfront fee or personal information to process your application.

**How to protect yourself: **

Phishing Emails and Texts

The scam: Scammers send emails or texts pretending to be from your college, bank or other trusted institutions. They ask for login credentials or personal information.

**How to protect yourself: **

Job and Internship Scams

The scam: Scammers post fake job listings or internships. They may ask for payment for background checks or training materials. They may also send you a fake check and ask you to cash it and use part of the funds for what seems like legitimate employment purchases and then ask you to send the remainder of the funds back to them electronically. The check will usually bounce, ultimately leaving you responsible for paying back the full amount of the check.

**How to protect yourself: **

Tech Support Scams

The scam: Scammers call claiming to be tech support from your college or a tech company. They ask for remote access to your computer or demand payment for fixing nonexistent issues.

How to protect yourself:

Rent and Housing Scams

The scam: Scammers post fake rental listings, asking for deposits or rent upfront. When you arrive, the property doesn’t exist.

**How to protect yourself: **

Social Media Impersonation

The scam: Scammers create fake profiles of classmates or professors. They may ask for money or personal information.

**How to protect yourself: **

Remember, scammers thrive on your trust and urgency. Stay informed, be cautious, and protect yourself from falling victim to their schemes. As college students, you are building your future — make sure to do it wisely!



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